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Starting in kindergarten, students need to learn oral vocabulary to correct the 1 million word gap they may have before age 5. These interactive printables introduce these words and students love creating their own "pop-up" notebooks! Pair them with emergent reader printables and paper bracelets students wear home, to share their learning for a home-to-school connection.

February 19, 2017

8 Picture Books that Help Teach the Equal Sign

Looking for some books that will help teach the equal sign? Well, have you considered books on balance and comparing? Check out these books that would be a perfect collection to help you teach the concept of the equal sign, as well as link to science standards and critical academic vocabulary like “compare”!   Also, >>>

February 6, 2017

5 Ways to Engage Students to Learn Academic Vocabulary

  Goldilocks and the Three Bears is perfect for academic vocabulary. I’ve shown anchor charts, with the word and images from the story, that explain the word with an included sentence. It reinforces other comprehension skill words, such as character, plot, and setting. We then do various activities that not only link to the story, but >>>

January 10, 2017

Teaching the Equal Sign and What it Really Means

Teaching the Equal Sign and What it Really Means We have been learning about the meaning of the equal sign this week. It can be a challenging concept for first graders to understand. Even my math wizards look at me funny when I say that it’s true that any number is equal to itself. “Yes, >>>

December 29, 2016

New Year’s Goals for 2017

It’s so tempting to make new goals at the beginning of every year. It just feels like the right time for a renewal, a new beginning. I’m not really the type to make new year’s resolutions because I’ve read that in many cases they are empty dreams. How can we get those dreams to become >>>

December 25, 2016

TPT Gift Card Giveaway and Sale!

[Giveaway Closed ]   I hope you are enjoying your break as much as I am! It’s so good for us to take time away from our classrooms for a while for some time to ourselves and our family and friends. It’s good for us. Makes us ready for the new year to finish strong! >>>

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