Are You Hesitant to Teach Interactive Notebooking to Your Primary Students? Don’t be!



Have you ever wonder if K-2 students would really be able to coordinate their cutting, folding and gluing skills well enough to make interactive notebook pages? I’m here to tell you that it is possible!


Firstly, purchase an interactive notebook designated for your grade-level. In the primary grades, there is usually less cutting, folding, gluing and few but larger pieces.


Next, make sure to make your own samples ahead of time. You will learn so much about the easiest way to teach it to your own class. Only you know how independent or needy each class is and they are oh so different every year, aren’t they?


“Six kids in the water and 1 on the beach: 6+1=7.”


Also, if you are able, try to get helpers the first few times you do them. Are there aides or parent helper available during your math time? Great! Have them also make a sample beforehand and ask you any questions before helping little hands do the same activity. If there isn’t time for them to make a sample, you’ve at least got yours that you made to show them!


If you have some students you know need extra help cutting and gluing then go ahead and help them do it. Yes, cut it and glue it for them! Trust me! Doing this helps them learn through modeling, gives you less stress and makes everyone a happy, cute interactive notebook!


Have students color during morning work time or during your chapter book read-alouds, if that doesn’t bother you. You may even want to have a class set of colored pencils for the details in the clip art. Ask the art teacher if s/he has extra colored pencils to donate to your room. The art teacher usually has lots of extra, gently used supplies from the previous year.


Encourage your students to use their interactive notebooks during silent reading time. I have an addition/subtraction story interactive notebook my students may write their own story problems during writing time too!



“Two bears equal 2 outside and none inside: 2=2+0.”

“Three squirrels outside their burrow and none inside: 3+0=3.”
Students can see all the ways that make each number by telling more of their own stories!

 Above samples come from this resource
Do you use interactive notebooks with your K-2 students? Share in the comments and make sure to add what grade you teach. I’d love to hear about your stories and I’m sure they will help others reading this post as well! Share this post with someone you think is hesitant to use interactive notebooks with their primary students too.

Original post from September 2015

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