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Welcome! I hope you are enjoying this awesome blog hop! I’m Melissa and you can find me just about everywhere either as First Grade Frame of Mind or @1stgradeframeofmind. Thanks for joining me!

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I am rereading the Whole Brain Teaching book by Chris Biffle, 122 Amazing Games! I wrote some blog posts last summer when the book first came out and there are so many games in it that I need a major refresher before next school year. Whole brain teaching has so many ways to engage your students and help them learn and retain information too!



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Here’s my 2016 Summer Bucket List!

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Meet up with friends and have fun together. I want to meet up with a teacher friend I met online! She has really inspired me over this past year to be the best teacher I can be. She lives in the northwestern part of the U.S. and I live in the northeastern part of the U.S., but we are going to try and make it happen! I’m quite excited!!


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Go somewhere you’ve never gone before. I’ve never been to Disney World in Florida and I’m going this summer! It was always a dream of mine since I was little to go to Disney and I am proof that it is never too late to live your dreams.

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Go to the water. I went boating with family last year and it was so relaxing being on the lake. There’s just something about water that is so soothing and peaceful. We are planning to go out together on the lake again this year and I just can’t wait.

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Read! I love summer time to catch up on all the reading that I want to do. One thing I want to do is read more children’s books, just go to the library and spend an afternoon or two reading through the stacks. I’m also on the hunt for a fictional book, but nothing’s caught my eye just yet.

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Get ready for next school year. Yep, I plan on keeping my eye out on things that I can pin throughout the summer to make back to school for me easier for me and fun for the students. I love Pinterest! Come andΒ follow me on Pinterest by clicking here and leave a comment below at the bottom of this post to tell me how I can follow you too! I love to follow other teachers on Pinterest, any grade or any subject!

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School’s Out Blog Blowout


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  1. I said my summer plans would be to relax and not think about school, but here I am, thinking about school! πŸ™‚

  2. I’ll be kicking back & relaxing, catching up on reading, & caring for our rescued cats, kittens & chickens!

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