Phonemic Awareness: Information, Resources and Freebies

If you are like me, you may have just found out that you have a group of students who need more phonemic awareness support at the start of first grade. Here are some of the great links I found that have helped me educate myself and download resources (most for free!) to get me started. There is even a website that is intended for parents wanting to teach phonemic awareness to their child, with lots of descriptive activities! Feel free to pin this so that others looking for phonemic awareness resources can benefit as well.

What is Phonological Awareness? -Clever Classrooms

Great reference freebies to download for printing.


Florida Center for Reading Research Resources

This site has tons of free downloadable activities for phonological awareness and others too!


Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten - Segmenting Freebies

Scroll down for some themed and seasonal Elkonin boxes to download for free! Thank her with a comment at the bottom of her post!


Difference between phonics and phonemic awareness -Mrs. Judy Araujo Reading Specialist

Clarification of differences and many ideas of activities and link (some of them link back to the FCRR site, but not all)


Phonological awareness, phonemic awareness and phonics -Make, Take and Teach

Find out the differences and connections between these terms.


Do you make these 3 mistakes teaching phonemic awareness? -Bay Tree Blog

And after clicking into all the above links, consider these mistakes so that we don’t make them while teaching phonemic awareness.


Reading Rocket’s Top 10 Resources on Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

Great resource linking specific skills with strategies included.


Phonemic awareness activities for parents to do at home with their child

This site is intended to help parents get their 4 year olds ready for kindergarten with activities meant for just parent and child. This would be a great site to direct parents toward, and any teacher or tutor could glean some ideas from the site as well!


I’ve noticed that throughout all the research I’ve been doing, many of the sites lead back to the Florida Reading Research Center site. From what I’ve seen, it has many activities with clear explanations to implement them in the classroom, with adaptations included.

Here are some links to other great resources!

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