I remember a few years back, I was going from teacher blog to teacher blog looking for some meaningful freebies to get me going my first year teaching first grade. I'd been teaching middle school up to that point and needed some primary resources fast. It took a lot of time skimming the internet for purposeful resources I could use.

Technology is great, but it's even better when it brings free resources right to your email inbox.


btsroundup | back to school freebies 2017

I'm teaming up with some awesome primary teacher authors to bring some purposeful, back to school freebies right to your inbox! First things first. You can click on each image below to follow all these wonderful Teachers Pay Teachers shops!

Down River Resources
First Grade Diva Creations
Sweet Sweet Primary
The Wright Nook
Science School Yard
First Grade Frame of Mind

Next up...sign up for this week of freebies here at http://bit.ly/txbts and do it now so you won't forget because it's starting Monday, August 14, 2017. We be delivering you some wickedly good freebies into your inbox to help keep you afloat in the new school year. Yep, straight to your inbox.


How easy is that?


All you need to do is open your email daily and download. Make sure to read the emails carefully because we may be asking you if you want a little something to go along with it. My lips are zipped, but you won't want to miss these limited-time goodies next week! I promise!



Don't leave your teacher besties out! Make sure you get them here to sign up so they can enjoy the ease of receiving gifts in their inbox next week.


You can click the hat image above to go sign up now or just go here to http://bit.ly/txbts. Sign up now so you don't miss out! Then, click one of the buttons below to share this on your Facebook page to all your primary teacher friends. See you all next week!

1 Comment on “Get ready for back to school with some of my favorite teachers!

  1. I am so pleased to be partnering up with you for such a meaningful event to help teachers get ready for back to school!

    Your enthusiasm for learning is contagious!

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