October is Fire Safety Month. Here's all we need to plan out lessons with tons of video links too! Talking about school safety actually started at the beginning of the school year to prepare students to know what to do in case of an emergency. With all the safety drills to go over in the first weeks back to school, we need to make sure to keep our students interested and learning all the rules and procedures.



We have an entire teacher kit that helps teach about fire drills. Anchor charts that show what to do in each drill, as well as charts to discuss the best reactions in emergency situations. It's perfect for primary students and special education students.


It's so important that students know what to do in any part of the school when they hear the fire drill, or any drill for that matter. There is always certain protocol we teach them to follow, but these discussion cards help with other instances during emergencies as well. For example, what do you do if our friend beside us starts crying uncontrollably? What is the best response to that situation. Talking about any possible scenarios prepares students to be their best in emergency situations.

After the discussions, students remember what they've learned with a kinesthetic review for them to demonstrate how to react during emergencies. There is also a craftivity and writing piece that helps students to show what they've learned. The banner is printed on white cardstock to make a safety-themed bulletin board either in the classroom or in the hallway. This is a super-awesome display for parents to see and enjoy as they walk through the halls during parent teacher conferences!

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More about these lessons already planned out for us here at bit.ly/firedrillsandmoreteacherkit



So what is specifically in these lessons? Overall, this pack addresses not only the routines with visuals, but also discusses alarms and behaviors expected, even when we are scared.

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Three behavior charts with printable cut-out words and visuals can be made: Pay Attention, Smart Choices, and Stay Calm (which lends itself to regular classroom also!). One-page printables are also included.


One-page printable posters (black/white and color) for drills: fire drill, tornado drill, wind drill, evacuation drill, lockdown drill (hide quietly and fight/flight included), earthquake drill and bus safety.


Multiple scenario cards to discuss "what ifs" with students, to help give them the information and mindset that they can get through tough emergency situations. These discussions also give us teachers the chance to give feedback and redirect for better behaviors and reactions during a drill.


"I can demonstrate what to do in an emergency" review activity with I can chart and discussion cards to prompt students to act out how to respond in an emergency.


Craftivity booklet "School Safety Me" and bulletin board banner to display in your classroom or hallway. Differentiated to allow for drawings or writings, students will love seeing their head on a fun safety vest. Include only the drills that you would like students to do and staple together at the shoulders to put up for an adorable bulletin board theme set.

There are so many video resources out there to teach school safety, especially fire safety. Here's an easy link up to all the video resources to use in the elementary classroom! Not only are the fire safety videos, but also ones for safety in other situations: school bus, earthquake, tsunami and ALICE training with a police officer in case of a lockdown scenario.


**Note: Make sure to preview any of the videos you intend to show to students to make sure they fit your school's protocol for safety in such emergencies

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