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Starting in kindergarten, students need to learn oral vocabulary to correct the 1 million word gap they may have before age 5. These interactive printables introduce these words and students love creating their own "pop-up" notebooks! Pair them with emergent reader printables and paper bracelets students wear home, to share their learning for a home-to-school connection.

December 29, 2016

New Year’s Goals for 2017

It’s so tempting to make new goals at the beginning of every year. It just feels like the right time for a renewal, a new beginning. I’m not really the type to make new year’s resolutions because I’ve read that in many cases they are empty dreams. How can we get those dreams to become >>>

December 18, 2016

Fun Christmas Activities for Reading Fluency and Vocabulary!

December is quite an exciting time in the classroom! Students are excited about the first snow, the sounds of Christmas music and the anticipation of the gifts of the season. It can be a challenging time for the teacher trying to teach these easily excitable students. Holiday fun on one hand and lesson learning on >>>

October 16, 2016

The Best Way to Do Center Rotations in the Classroom

The Best Way to Do Center Rotations in the Classroom… Center rotations have been one of my organizational projects. I’d tried so many different things to make it run smoothly, then finally found that one thing that worked for us and we’ve loved it for the past 5 years or so!   Our rotation time for reading >>>

October 9, 2016

How Math Centers Link to Mathematical Practices

How Math Centers Link to Mathematical Practices Teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills Play in the classroom is so important to learning. Centers feel like play, with the intention of practicing a learned concept over and over until it’s mastered. Centers are like our co-teachers in a sense; they help support the learning and >>>

October 2, 2016

Parent Teacher Conference Forms Hack with Mail Merge

Parent Teacher Conference Forms Hack with Mail Merge Here is a teacher hack I’ve been using for years: mail merge to insert student information into my school forms…like parent teacher conference forms! I love how easy it is and that I don’t need to copy and paste the same form over and over, nor do >>>

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