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Starting in kindergarten, students need to learn oral vocabulary to correct the 1 million word gap they may have before age 5. These interactive printables introduce these words and students love creating their own "pop-up" notebooks! Pair them with emergent reader printables and paper bracelets students wear home, to share their learning for a home-to-school connection.

June 25, 2016

Dollar Deals FOMO?

It’s that time of year! It’s summer and you start seeing all these marvelous things you need for your classroom! You start feeling FOMO thinking you need to get to that store before they are all gone!   Before you jump in the car, read this.       Wait, I know! You’ve gotta go now! Please, >>>

June 11, 2016

Get Kids to Write Over the Summer Easily with Little Nibbles Every Day!

I recently posted about first grade writing and what is important to be ready for second grade. Writing isn’t always about writing words ten times each or even writing a story. It’s one form of communication that we use. We sign our names on the line to show we are good on our promise. We >>>

June 1, 2016

Growing First Grade Writing

  Slideshare 2016 05 growing a first grader writing from Melissa Williams It’s the end of first grade… My students have grown so much! When I look back to the beginning of the school year, they were babies. They still seemed like kindergarteners to me. Then, in January and February they really took off in >>>

May 24, 2016

Are You Hesitant to Teach Interactive Notebooking to Your Primary Students? Don’t be!

    Have you ever wonder if K-2 students would really be able to coordinate their cutting, folding and gluing skills well enough to make interactive notebook pages? I’m here to tell you that it is possible!   Firstly, purchase an interactive notebook designated for your grade-level. In the primary grades, there is usually less >>>

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